Colored lid panels

About the Product

Custom colored lid panels are available to OEMs, motorcycle and scooter clubs, or high-volume dealers for all V28, V36, and S48 top case models. Choose from one of our existing custom colors or provide us with a sample of your desired color and we can match it!

Minimum production runs of 30 pieces are required in a single color; allow 1-3 months for initial delivery of custom colored cases that are not currently stocked by the distributor in your country.

For more details on the availability & cost of custom colors, contact the distributor in your country.

Lid Panel Colors & Names

Name Code Swatch
Gloss Black PU148A
Metallic Black PU5854
Satin Black PU148M
Sand Black PU148MS
Gloss Lead PU2302
Satin Grey PU2302M
Metallic Grey PU5853
Satin Silver PU1647M
Metallic Silver C608
Gloss Silver PU1647
Pearlescent White PU4490
Gloss Beige PU4432
Gloss Pink PU4325
Gloss Wine PU5857
Gloss Red PU1768
Gloss Bright Dragon Red PU6091
Gloss Candy Apple Red PU6091
Gloss Orange PU1355
Gloss Yellow PU3829
Yellow PU3829M
Metallic Gold PU5855
Gloss Goldenrod PU4329
Gloss Lime Green PU3751
Kawasaki Lime Green (#617) PU1478
Gloss Light Green PU5055
Gloss Light Blue PU5221
Gloss Deep Blue PU2415
Gloss Royal Blue PU5859
Burgman Blue PU6092